Research projects

14 new projects launched in 2020

(7 months)

Glocal History of Finance

(18 months)

Digital History at Scale: A Journey to Zoomland

(50 months)

Histoire de la spoliation des biens juifs au Grand Duché de Luxembourg (années trente - années cinquante)

(48 months)

Luxembourg Time Machine

(14 months)

Souvenirs d'Ambassadeurs

(13 months)

Digitization of the full collection of Revue magazines (1945-2000)

(7 months)

Oral history with health workers in Luxembourg

(60 months)

Social politics in European borderlands. A comparative and transnational study, 1870s-1990s

(9 months)

History and memory in the making

(8 months)

Towards Comparable Parliamentary Corpora

22 ongoing projects

(48 months)

Digitization and virtual exhibition of the Wampach collection

(42 months)

Fiscal competition in the Benelux states

(48 months)

175 Jahre Post & Telekommunikation in Luxemburg

(48 months)

100 ans de BGL BNP Parisbas au Luxembourg

(64 months)

Luxembourg State Policy Towards Jews (1930s to 1950s)

(242 months)

Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

(50 months)

Who Cares in Europe?

(41 months)

Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs

(39 months)

Histoire de la statistique publique à Luxembourg

4 projects completed in 2020

(38 months)

Le goût de l'archive numérique

(12 months)

Digital Histor(iograph)y and Scale

(12 months)

Schumann's Eck Interactive Documentary