Richard is a PhD Candidate

Richard Legay is a PhD candidate who joined the C²DH in November 2016. He is conducting research on the Transnational History of Popular Culture and Commercial Radio Stations in Western Europe in the 60s, with a focus on Europe n°1 and Radio-Luxembourg in France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Richard is currently lecturing with Anita Lucchesi a module on Digital Public History for the Bachelor in History and the Tutorat course, with Fabio Spirinelli and Ben Zenner, for the Master en Histoire Européenne Contemporaine, both at the University of Luxembourg. Other responsabilities include the position of curator for the exhibition "Mai 68 - échos luxembourgeois" at Neumünster Abbey and being a Member of the Editorial Board of the Trinational Doctoral School in History's website, Docteuropa.

Richard is a member of the International Federation for Public History, the IAMHIST network, and the GRER, the Groupe d'Etudes et de Recherches sur la Radio. He holds a M.Phil in Public History & Cultural Heritage at Trinity College Dublin and a MA in Contemporary European History at the University of Luxembourg, where he won a award for the best Master Thesis in the History Department. 

Main supervisor: Prof. Dr Andreas Fickers (C²DH)

Other supervisors: Paul Lesch (Centre national de l'audiovisuel), Ass.-prof. Dr Alec Badenoch (University of Utrecht)