Jakub is a PhD Candidate

Jakub Bronec is a PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg. After his Bachelor degree, he studied Media Science and Journalism at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) and completed his Master in 2016. His personal interest in social history, oral history and history of journalism gave him an inspiration for writing a comparative PhD thesis on the cultural and educational activities of the Jewish minority in Czechoslovakia and Francophone regions of Luxembourg, and Alsace-Lorraine after the Second World War. As a doctoral candidate at the C²DH since March 2016, he specialized in making and maintaining interviews with members of Jewish population born in a post-war period. A lot of his work deals with text analysis and audio analysis.


Main supervisor: Ass.-prof. Dr Denis Scuto (C²DH)

Other supervisors: PhDr. Petr Koura Ph.D. (Univerzita Karlova v Praze), Dr Marten Düring (C²DH), Prof. Alena Heitlinger