Juliane is a research assistant with the Digital History Section of the C²DH.

Juliane, originating from Leipzig, studied English and History at the University of Trier and the University of Essex in Colchester. When finishing her studies, she worked as a research associate in the Research Centre SFB 600 Fremdheit und Armut (Strangers and Poor People) in Trier exploring forms of poverty and strategies of the poor in rural areas of Western Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. Her PhD thesis concerned the persecution of itinerant tradesmen as gypsies in the late Kaiserreich and during the Weimar Republic from an acteur centred perspective.

Juliane can draw back on an extensive background in research management and fundraising from helping to prepare a grant proposal for new interdisciplinary research centre as a research manager at the Forschungszentrum Europa in Trier (FZE) and contributing in developing new fundraising projects for the Academy of European Law to attract donors in the private sector.

She currently is involved in preparing new grant proposals for the C²DH.