Floor is a PhD Candidate in (digital) Art History

In summer 2015, I graduated from the research master Art & Visual Culture at the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I began my studies in the field of Man & Identity (interior design, trends and style) at the Design Academy Eindhoven, but soon discovered my passion for art history and interest in digital research methods.

Previously I created a relational database incorporating principles of the Semantic Web, explored potential use-cases of the LOD Cloud, and designed interactive information visualisations. This enabled me to spot trends in painted subjects and themes, and question current assumptions regarding post-Pompeian Roman wall painting.

My PhD project Visualizing Visions focuses on the immense potential of digital methods. Yet, the use of digital tools for art historical research and publication is still considered a distinct and maybe even obscure sub-discipline: “digital art history”. It is my aim to develop and explore the use of digital tools and models for art historians.

Check out my personal blog and project website for more information.


Main supervisor: Dr Martin Uhrmacher (University of Luxembourg)

Other supervisors: Ass.-prof. Dr Andrea Binsfeld (University of Luxembourg), Ass.-prof. Dr Katharina Lorenz (University of Nottingham)