Eva is a PhD Candidate

Eva Andersen holds a Master degree in History from the University of Antwerp (2015, Belgium). Her masterthesis analysed the Société de Médecine Mentale de Belgique from a transnational perspective (1869-1900). After her studies she was a junior editor for the academic journals BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review and Studium. Currently she is a doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg in the Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) where she is doing research on psychiatric associations in Europe (1842-1940), focussing on the importance of transnational contacts for the dissemination of knowledge.


Main supervisor: Ass.-prof. Dr Benoît Majerus (C²DH)

Other supervisors: Ass.-prof. Dr Christoph Schommer (University of Luxembourg), Prof. Dr Kaat Wils (KU Leuven)