The C²DH focuses on research, analysis, public dissemination and engagement in the field of contemporary Luxembourgish and European history. The Centre has a particular focus on digital methods and tools for contemporary history and serves as a catalyst for innovative and creative scholarship as well as new forms of public dissemination and societal engagement. The interdisciplinary and digital workflow of the Centre is inspired by the concept of “thinkering”, which promotes a hands-on approach to new digital sources, tools and infrastructures for the practice of history while critically assessing the impact of digital tools and technologies on historical research. This innovative approach encourages researchers to explore the multiple avenues opened up by the advent of the digital age, ranging from new methods for the exploration of historical sources, data storage, curation, analysis and visualisation to transmedia storytelling online. A Digital Humanities Lab facilitates this hands-on research through a broad range of audiovisual equipment and digital tools.