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New website: Doctoral Training Unit ‘Digital History and Hermeneutics’

New website: Doctoral Training Unit ‘Digital History and Hermeneutics’
The new website gives an in-depth view of the DTU's activities and projects.

The Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) in ‘Digital History and Hermeneutics’ is a four-year interdisciplinary research and training programme hosted by the C²DH and funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).

The Doctoral Training Unit offers a training environment for 13 doctoral researchers with different nationalities and disciplinary backgrounds – varying from history, philosophy and linguistics to computer science and human-computer interaction. The project is designed as an experimental space, in which these different communities of practice and epistemic cultures negotiate new forms of knowledge production in the field of digital history and humanities. It thereby builds on the concept of ‘digital hermeneutics’, the critical and self-reflexive use of digital tools and technologies in historical research practices.

The new website of the DTU offers an interactive presentation and documentation of the project’s activities, including skills trainings, workshops, publications and conferences. It also features various blog posts written by the project team members.


Project leader: Andreas Fickers

Project coordinator: Tim van der Heijden

DTU editorial board: Shohreh Haddadan, Sytze Van Herck, Kaarel Sikk, Tim van der Heijden