Fabio is a postdoctoral researcher who was working on a virtual exhibition on Luxembourg during WW2

Fabio Spirinelli was a postdoctoral researcher at the C²DH. After his Bachelor, Fabio studied cinema and performing arts at the University of Liège (Belgium) and completed his Master in European Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg in 2016. His personal interests as well as his previous studies inspired him to write a master thesis on the history of cultural policy in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg from 1945 to 2015.

As a doctoral candidate at the C²DH from November 2016 to October 2020, he continued his research on cultural policy. His thesis Staging the Nation in an Intermediate Space dealt with the history of cultural policy in Luxembourg from the 1920s until the 1970s. The case study of the thesis examined the history of the former State Museums and their evolution within the cultural policy context.

Fabio has been involved in various research activities and published academic and non-academic articles on different topics. His research focus is contemporary and Luxembourgish history, but he has also strong interests in public history and digital history.

Fabio was part of the WWIILUX project team that develops a virtual exhibition on the Second World War in Luxembourg.