Europäische Zeitgeschichte Digitale Geschichte und Historiographie

histograph, a tool for the exploration of multimedia archives

histograph helps institutions reveal the manifold relations between their digital collections of texts, images, audio and video documents.

histograph links automatic annotation to the collaborative work of crowds and uses graphs to display relations between documents. histograph is open source and combines tools for the automatic detection of named entities (people, places, institutions and dates), enrichment with DBpedia and VIAF with crowd-based annotations. histograph’s project homepage  gives an overview of its features and a demo version with’s collection is available for testing. histograph was initially developed as one of two demonstration applications for the FP7-funded research project CUbRIK, which aimed to find new pathways for the combination of human and machine computation in multimedia search.

The current version was developed by Daniele Guido, Dr Lars Wieneke and Dr Marten Düring.