Conférence Laurence Schram

22 November 2017

Dossin: L’antichambre d’Auschwitz

Conférence avec Laurence Schram, Senior Researcher au centre de documentation de la Kazerne Dossin et auteur de livre.
Europeana 1914-1918

23 November 2017

Personal sources from WWI and citizen science, opportunities for research and education. The project Transcribathon Europeana 1914-1918

Ad Pollé (Europeana) and Frank Drauschke (Facts & Files) will give an overview of the Europeana 14-18 and Transcribathon projects and their potential for research and education.

23 November 2017

Social Networks and Entrepreneurship. Evidence from a Historical Episode of Industrialization

Javier Mejia Cubillos (Los Andes University) presents his paper on the relationship between social networks and entrepreneurship.
Machines, Masses, and Metaphors

30 November 2017

Machines, Masses, and Metaphors: The Visual Making of Industrial Work(ers) in Interwar Luxembourg

Presentation by Ira Plein, PhD candidate at the C²DH and member of the research team FAMOSO.
L’immigration dans le football luxembourgeois

3 December 2017

L’immigration dans le football luxembourgeois

Dans le cadre de la Journée annuelle en hommage à Louis Rech, bourgmestre de la ville de Dudelange (1985-1993), le Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations humaines (CDMH), la Fondation Robert Krieps et le C²DH invitent à la présentation du livre de Jean Ketter, « L’immigration dans le football luxembourgeois ».
Hands on History logo

6 December 2017

PixStori and the challenges in the field of digital and public history

Lecture by Prof. Michael Frisch, Talking Pictures LLC, New York
Hands on History logo

20 December 2017

Finding the German nation before, during and after nationalism

Lecture by Helmut Walser Smith, Vanderbilt University, Nashville
USHMM Albert Nussbaum

24 January 2018 to 26 January 2018

The way out: Microhistories of flight from Nazi Germany

This international conference will study the broad theme of the flight of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and their trajectories during the war and its aftermath from multiple perspectives.