Laço Belval

4 März 2022 bis 1 Oktober 2022

[L]AÇO: des liens de fer entre le Brésil et le Luxembourg

Des kiosques participatifs connectés à Belval et à Minas Gerais (Brésil).
Schuman declaration 9 May 1950

4 Mai 2022 bis 5 Juni 2022

Exhibition –- The Schuman Declaration, 9 May 1950

Exhibition on the Schumann Declaration, developed by the European Parliament and displayed at the Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC).
Forum Z Liewen am Minett revisited

21 Mai 2022

Liewen am Minett revisited

This ForumZ revisits the famous photo book “Liewen am Minett” that documented the Minett region in the late 1980s and sparked a debate about the region’s identity.
C2DH 5 years anniversary

25 Mai 2022

C²DH 5th anniversary celebration

To mark the centre's 5th anniversary, we have the pleasure to welcome Johanna Drucker for a talk intitled 'Value Exchange: Digitizing Cultural Knowledge Systems'.
Vernissage of the Minett Stories virtual exhibition

28 Mai 2022

Vernissage of the virtual exhibition 'Minett Stories'

The C²DH has the pleasure to invite you to the official launch of its new virtual exhibition "Minett Stories".
Small states diplomacy research seminar

30 Mai 2022

Small states diplomacy in action. Luxembourg in the European Integration History

In this hybrid De Gasperi seminar, Elena Rodica Danescu, Fernand Braudel Fellow at the History Department of the EUI, will present her research on small States diplomacy and the role of Luxembourg in European integration. Giovanni Farese of the European University of Rome will act as discussant.
'FinLux' seminar: Schedule for the spring term 2022

31 Mai 2022

'FinLux' seminar: Schedule for the spring term 2022

‘FinLux’ is a series of seminars held on a monthly basis and focusing on the history of the Luxembourg financial centre.
DH Benelux 2022 Belval

1 Juni 2022 bis 3 Juni 2022

DH Benelux 2022: RE-MIX. Creation and alteration in DH

The 8th DH Benelux Conference will take place on 1-3 June 2022 at the University of Luxembourg in a hybrid format.