Kaarel is a former PhD Candidate

Kaarel Sikk holds a Master's degree in archaeology from University of Tartu, Estonia. Before studying humanities Kaarel was working in software development industry as a developer and project manager. He hass worked with a wide range of systems including ones for logistic and real estate companies. After his focus has shifted towards digital humanities and archaeology he also worked with related databases and web based system, eg archaeological database of University of Tartu and IT manager in project Archaeology Authority and Community.

His PhD project is focusing on how Agent Based Models can be used to bridge knowledge and data sources from different disciplines to study long term changes of settlement systems in prehistory. Main case-study focuses on the mobility and settlement patterns of the Stone Age in Northern Europe. He is also interested in use of knowledge of long-term processes in history.

Main supervisor: Ass.prof. Dr Geoffrey Caruso (University of Luxembourg)

Other supervisors: Ass.prof. Dr Andrea Binsfeld (University of Luxembourg), Prof. Dr Aivar Kriiska (University of Tartu)

Kaarel defened his thesis on June 2022.