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55th CIDOC-CRM and 48th FRBR joint meeting

6 Dezember 2022 bis 9 Dezember 2022

55th CIDOC-CRM and 48th FRBR joint meeting
Meeting (14 sessions, 1 hands-on workshop and 1 conference) about the two standards for information integration in the fields of Cultural Heritage and Libraries.

CIDOC CRM is an international standard for Cultural Heritage domain description. FRBRoo/LRMoo is an international standard for bibliographic information. Twice a year, members of both groups meet to update and improve their models. The next meeting will be held at the C²DH, between 6 and 9 December 2022. See the agenda of the meeting.

Besides the meeting itself, two awareness events are open to a wider public:


Hands-on workshop about Spatiotemporal modeling using CIDOC CRM models

Tuesday 6 December, 9.30 - 13.30 at the DH Lab

The workshop, mostly dedicated to cultural heritage professionals, will consist in two parts: first a guided tour of the university campus at Belval that is situated on a reclaimed industrial site, followed by a practical collaborative session on using spatiotemporal modeling constructs. if you are interested to participate, please fill in the form below. Please note that this workshop is only available in person, it will not be broadcasted online (max. 20 participants).

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Standards used by the library (LRM, RDA) and the Cultural Heritage Community (CIDOC CRM) - Different perspectives and interdisciplinary areas (Conference – Conversation)

Wednesday 7 December, 18.30 - 20.00 at the Black Box / MSH

The conference will be of interest to cultural heritage professionals, librarians, academic staff and IT teams interested in the Semantic Web and Linked Open Data. The concept is to bring representatives of the Library and the Cultural Heritage communities together, in an open discussion that focuses on different approaches. The dialogue will also lay the ground for interdisciplinary works in the two fields and ahead. The conference will be accessible in person or online.

Coordinator: Muriel van Ruymbeke

Speakers: Stephen Stead (Paveprime Ltd) and Mélanie Roche (BNF)

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For more info or if you wish to attend the complete meeting, feel free to contact