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2022 WOLS edition - “Worker poverty in the EU: trends and reactions”

20 Dezember 2022

This event is part of the Winter Online Lecture Series on Europe.

The new edition of the Winter Online Lecture Series on Europe is organised by Dr Elena Danescu (Research Scientist at the C²DH) in the framework of the courses “History of European integration (1919-1993)” (MAHEC-S1-M6i) and “Economic and social history of Europe after 1945: concepts, processes, actors” (MAHEC-S3-M5iii) from the Master in European Contemporary History, and the course “Democratic transitions in Central and Eastern Europe” (BCE-EU-301-04) from the Bachelor in European Cultures, with the aim of giving students on these programmes, as well as the wider academic community at the University of Luxembourg, the opportunity to find out about the history and workings of the European institutions in Luxembourg from new and unconventional angles and to discuss some of the milestones in contemporary European history with people who were involved in or witnessed these events. Each session (in French, with a Q&A session in French and English) will be streamed via Webex and will include a presentation by a speaker followed by a discussion with the audience and the opportunity to ask questions. The lectures are run in conjunction with Europe Direct at the University of Luxembourg and are also open to the wider public.

The 2022 Winter Online Lecture - “Worker poverty in the EU: trends and reactions” will take place on 20 December 2022 from 9.45 to 11.15.

Guest lecturer: Prof. Dr Luca Ratti

Luca Ratti is an Associate Professor in European and Comparative Labour Law and Director of the Master in European Law (first year) at the University of Luxembourg. Since February 2020, he has been coordinating the Horizon 2020 project “WorkYP: Working, Yet Poor”, which focuses on in-work poverty and European social citizenship. Since May 2021, he has also been co-PI of the W@W interdisciplinary project on well-being at work, funded by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at the University of Luxembourg. He currently holds a Jean Monnet Chair in European labour law to carry out research and teaching on the sustainability of the European Social Model. 

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