Tizian was working on the covidmemory.lu platform as a postdoctoral researcher

Tizian is a historian of medicine and Africa, interested in the everyday tensions and connections between theories and practices, between ideas and improvisations. He studies how medicine and society interact and how health crises unfold on a personal and collective level. The role and potentials of historical research and archiving in these processes are of special interest to him. During his stay at the C²DH, Tizian helped to manage and further develop covidmemory.lu.

Previously, Tizian has worked at the Institute for the History of Medicine in Bern within a project on the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné during the colonial period. He has published an Open Access monograph on the institution’s medical practices and an article on food in the colonial situation. Another co-authored book for a broader public on this famous hospital is in preparation.