Ira is a PhD Candidate

Ira Plein received a master of arts (Magistra Artium) in Art History and Media Studies at the University of Trier (2013). She currently is a PhD candidate at the C2DH at the University of Luxembourg, where she is collaborating in the FNR funded project “FAMOSO-2: Fabricating Modern Societies. Industries of Reform as Educational Responses to Societal Challenges” (PI Karin Priem).

 Her dissertation, which is coordinated in joint supervision with the Art History department at the University of Trier, focuses on media (re)presentations of the steel industry and industrial culture in Luxembourg. 


Main supervisors: Prof. Dr. Karin Priem, (C²DH), Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Tacke (Universität Trier)

Other supervisors: Prof. Dr. Daniel Tröhler (University of Luxembourg - until 2016), Prof. Dr. Martin Loiperdinger (Universität Trier)