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2023 C²DH Visiting Public History Research Fellow Faye Sayer

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Faye Sayer
We are proud to welcome Prof. Faye Sayer as our Public Historian in residence in June and July 2023.

Assistant Professor in Heritage and History at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom), Faye Sayer has extensive international experience in archaeology, heritage, and public history. Author of the first textbook in public history, she will contribute to developing the C²DH’s expertise in public participation. In particular, she will engage with our Public History research group on the impact assessment of public participation. As Prof. Sayer stresses: “Collaborative experience of the development and delivery of public participation and engagement projects nationally and internationally has driven research to identify and evidence the wider ‘impacts’ these projects to culture, society, environment and economy.  As a result an impact assessment framework specifically tailored to public history projects has been developed that seeks to generate robust data and provide metrics in order understand the nature, scale and beneficiaries of impact, and relate this to wider social, human and economic capital at macro and micro scales. This enabled public historians to present evidence, internally and externally, relating to how these public participant projects and wider research results in social, cultural, environmental and economic changes to individuals, communities and societies."

You can find more information about her on the University of Birmingham's website.