Pixelated Realities - 3-Visualisations of Cultural Heritage and the "Museum of UA Victory. Digital heritage for recovery”

19 January 2023

Pixelated Realities
The mission of Pixelated Realities is to improve the methods of preserving cultural heritage, including the use of 3D scanning, digital production, virtual and augmented reality.

On 24 February 2022, Pixelated Realities NPO launched the documentary project “The Museum of Ukrainian Victory”, with the aim of reflecting the full picture of the war in Ukraine.


Fedir Boitsov, the Head of Pixelated Realities, will be sharing the vision behind the Museum of UA Victory and discussing the use of three-dimensional reconstructions in the project. He will focus on how these reconstructions, whether of a destroyed home or the rusting shell of a burnt-out car, can evoke more emotion than traditional photography. The project, which is an emergency war-documentary, aims to shed light on the widespread phenomenon of confidence in victory among Ukrainians.

Fedir Boitsov - Head of Pixelated Realities. Visioner, architect and 3d artist, 3d scanning expert, producer for VR/AR, digital manufacturing.


Thursday, 19 January 2023, starting at 14.00 (CET)

C²DH Open Space, 4th floor Maison des Sciences humaines, Belval Campus

and online (please write to nina.janz@uni.lu to receive the webex link)