A Europeanisation of the Comics Industry: The Franco-Belgian School as a Foundation of a European Cultural Identity through Media in the 1960s

17 November 2021

Research seminar with Jessica Burton, PhD candidate at the C²DH.



Comics are often used in research as a counter-narrative for an Americanisation of European societies in the second half of the 20th century. The Franco-Belgian bande dessinée school meanwhile appears as a symbol of a successful resistance against the American superheroes.

This presentation of my thesis research has two primary aims:

  • on the one hand to portray the history of Franco-Belgian comics diffusion in a (Western) European context,
  • but on the other hand to critically examine the hypothesis of Europeanisation in the 1960s.

While there is interest in the field of translation strategies that have been applied to central works of the Franco-Belgian school, there has been little attention paid to the editorial practices of the 1960s that facilitated this translation. Comics circulate across language barriers, and so allow insights into the relationship between different countries and cultures, the circulation of cultural goods inside and outside the production space, and the role of cultural mediators. Comics are also just one aspect of a transmedial and transnational space of the 1960s, factors that are most clearly indicated by comics magazines such as Journal de Tintin and Pilote, and these examples and their translations will form the main corpus of primary sources. This thesis will therefore consider the lens of publishing practice in order to shed a new light on these crucial aspects.


Wednesday, 17 Novvember 2021

14.00 - 15.00

C²DH open space and Webex

If you want to participate online, please send an email to vanessa.napolitano@uni.lu to receive the link.