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16th History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS) Conference - online

30 June 2020

16th History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS) Conference - online


Capturing Europe in Digital Sources: New Approaches for European Integration History?

This HEIRS annual conference’s format matches its theme: what does the digital European historiography look like? The blossoming of covid crisis related collecting platforms show how the digitisation of many social relations have opened the opportunity for historians to create their own archives on current events. More generally, the sources produced by European institutions have increasingly been made available online. Beyond EU archives, European platforms of transnational collections of digitised sources like Europeana have shown how rich such collections can be but also how difficult it is to overcome the national silos. This wealth of material does not equate with an enhanced use or eased access, due to technical, legal problems or issues of digital literary among researchers.

We invite you to join the discussion on what European digital archives entail and what researchers made with them.


30 June 2020

12.00 - 17.30

Online - Webex platform

Please register until 28.06.2020. Registration is free of charge, but mandatory. A link (Webex) to join the event will be sent to all registered participants at the beginning.



12.00 - 13.00 - Historians using and producing digital archives

  • Dieter Schlenker - Digitisation projects at the Historical Archives of the EU
  • Christoph Brüll - When historians create their archives: the making of covidmemory project

13.30 - 16.00 - Digital sources on European history : eased access, new tools?

  • Claude Ewert - Digital Accessibility of EU Archives: A case study on digital archive research concerning EC- USSR Relations
  • Jan Rohden - Archive collections, digitization and collective historical memory: the project “German files in the central archive of the Russian Ministry of Defence (CAMO)”
  • Robert Fiedler - European integration and the example of teaching history: a historical comparative study through corpus linguistics – an approach for European historiography?
  • Anselm Küsters - EU Competition Law and Economic Schools of Thought: A Text Mining Perspective

16.30  -17.30 - Digital and digitised EU archives

  • Ludovic Delepine - From Emotion to Cognition: Engaging Citizens in the European Integration History.
  • Silvia Sevilla - Preservation of EU websites. Web archiving at the Publications Office