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Winners of the 2024 Thinkering Grant

Thinkering grant winners 2024

From left to right: Zoé Konsbruck, Nicolas Arendt, Joé Voncken, Masha Meleshko-Sudina. © Ira Yeroshko

Time travelling on the Belval campus through an innovative new card game.

The 2024 C²DH 'Thinkering Grant' went to the ‘Rust and Research’ team, made up of four doctoral candidates - Zoé Konsbruck, Masha Meleshko-Sudina, Nicolas Arendt and Joé Voncken. They submitted a proposal to create a card game situated at the intersection of Public History and the Industrial History of Luxembourg. 'Rust and Research' – the provisional title of the game – is based on time travelling on Luxembourg University’s very own Belval campus and exploring both its unique industrial heritage and its transition to Luxembourg's first and foremost location to do research. A key mechanism that underlies the game – which is still in early development – consists in switching between two timelines: Belval’s past and Belval’s present. This ‘time flip’ frequently changes up the gameplay, pushing players to adapt and react. The game is due to release later this year and is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages.

The C²DH Thinkering Grant promotes such experimental approaches within the centre by recognising innovative and high-risk research or outreach initiatives with the aim of fostering creative uncertainty and interdisciplinary cooperation among C²DH staff.