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Dive into the (revisited) world of Gazengel for a third season!

Gazengel takes you behind the scenes of a young researcher and will explore the different facets of her scientific and creative adventures.

You might have discovered Gazengel and her loyal cat on Instagram. You will now follow their research journey on the University website with a new format on a monthly basis.

The third season starts with a discussion between two researchers, Gazengel and Camilla, as they reflect on the challenges that arise as they progress in their work, particularly the accumulation of information from reading to note-taking. This episode highlights the common struggle of organizing thoughts and ideas as well as the difficulty of finding a suitable method for thesis writing.

The researchers share their experience of the importance of exchanging ideas and seeking advice from colleagues and friends. Based on a real-life experience, Gazengel demonstrates how collaborative efforts can be stimulating and beneficial in overcoming the challenges of the research process and shed light on the necessity of fostering a collaborative environment for researchers.


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