Nina is a research assistant

Nina is a Research Associate in the Project in History of Justice. As an archivist, she is researching and inventorying relevant documents for the project. She analyzes and provides the team with relevant documents and prepares them for the digitalizing and virtual exhibition.

Nina studied Archival Science in Marburg, European history in Hagen and Haifa/Israel.

She worked as an archivist at the German Federal Archive, in Koblenz and Berlin and at the Military Archive in Freiburg, where she managed requests and inquiries concerning the Wehrmacht, WW II and the fate of POW and other Nazi victims. She supported projects in digitalizing and preservation of documents and worked in a project of the German Historical Moscow to digitalize records of Soviet POW.

After her archival career, Nina began her doctorate at the University of Hamburg in cultural anthropology about the impact of death and violence and the memory of WW II in the post-war period in Germany and Russia. She was a visiting fellow at the State University of St. Petersburg, the Institute for High Technology/Institute for Oral History in Voronezh and at the American Institute for German Contemporary Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C.

Nina`s research focus lies on the commemoration aspects of military dead/war dead and war cemeteries in Germany and Russia, the Holocaust in Eastern Europe and on cultural aspects on the Wehrmacht and military violence during WW II. And secondly, her research interests cover the classical historical research in archives and libraries, digital methods and innovations and the questions of digital preservation and accessibility of historical documents.