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C²DH Podcast - Innovating & Sharing History - WARLUX - Soldiers and their communities in WWII

Since March 2020, the Warlux project at C²DH has been delving into the experiences and narratives of Luxembourg's 'forced recruits' and their families during the Second World War. The aim is to break with the traditional historiography surrounding the 'forced recruits' and to critically examine established narratives within the country's overarching historical discourse. Rather than treating these young men as a homogeneous group, the project explores the personal experiences of the soldiers, as well as the fates of their families during the war, utilizing a wide range of (new) sources and innovative digital methods.

C²DH historians Nina Janz and Sarah Maya Vercruysse, spoke to Hanna Siemaszko, the
producer of the SciLux podcast on science in Luxembourg, about their main findings, the difficulties they faced, and the digital tools they employed.

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