Estelle is a postdoctoral researcher

Estelle Berthereau studied political and social history, gender studies, political philosophy at University and EHESS, political and social sciences in Sciences Po Bordeaux and obtained a PhD in contemporary history from the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis (France).

In her thesis, she studied revolution and counter revolution, modernity and tradition in newspapers in Europe, especially in France in the XIXth Century. She published her thesis entitled La Fabrique politique du journal, P.-S. Laurentie, un antimoderne au temps de Balzac, by Honoré Champion in 2021.

She studied Russian at RGGU in Moscow. She is research associate in the 19th Century History Center at the Sorbonne and taught history, geography and civics in secondary school in France and in Luxembourg.

She is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher on the project of writing the history of the ‘Chambre des salariés’ (1924-2024) and history of social inequalities in Luxembourg.