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Popkult60 online exhibition

Popkult 60 online exhibition
Transnational popular culture – Europe in the long 1960s

It is with great pleasure that the C²DH announces the launch of the digital exhibition of the Popkult60 research project on the transnational history of 1960s popular culture. Through the exhibition, visitors can explore the rich cultural production of the 1960s and the connections between European countries. The initial digital living room of the exhibition offers seven interconnected themes, all based on key everyday life media objects, which reflect the researchers’ individual work. Another possibility to explore the exhibition is directly through the extensive collection of sources.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between PhD students and postdoctoral researchers of the Popkult60 (for “Transnational popular culture – Europe in the long 1960s”) project based at the University of Luxembourg and the University of the Saarland. To build the exhibition, researchers relied on a rich corpus of archives and source material, which allows visitors to navigate the history of popular culture through a diverse multimedia and multilingual exhibition. The research project is funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is now entering its second phase. More information available on the project website.

The digital exhibition (in English, French, and German) is accessible via the following link: