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'The Romanticism of Hell'. Environmental History of the Saar-region in the 19th-century

29 Juni 2021

Steel industry Saarland
Lecture by Markus Lay, office manager of Saarland’s historical commission. The online event is part of the REMIX lecture series.

The REMIX lecture series accompanies the C²DH based research project “Remixing Industrial Pasts in the Digital Age”. The project explores the history of cultures, populations and territories of the Minett region and will be a sustainable contribution to the “European Capital of Culture Esch 2022” programme. The project is funded by Esch2022 ASBL.

Since the REMIX/Esch2022 project thematically includes the neighbouring regions in a comparative and transregional perspective, this lecture is dedicated to the environmental history of the Saar region.

On 29 June,  Markus Lay will present “The Romanticism of Hell”. Environmental History of the Saar-region in the 19th-century. In Imperial Germany, the industrial region along the Saar-River was the third most important of its kind. Surprisingly, there are not many papers to be found about its environmental history, despite an abundance of source material. The lecture will focus on the relatively new field of environmental justice and present case studies of environmental conflicts.

Markus Lay is office manager of Saarland’s historical commission and was fellow of the Hans-Blöcker-Foundation. His dissertational work focuses on the environmental history of the region during industrialisation. The “work-in-progress” is planned to be presented on as a Digital Public History project. In his Masters thesis he concentrated on Apiarian Societies and the spreading of apicultural innovations during the 18th and 19th century in Europe.


Tuesday, 29 June 2021

17.00 - 18.30 on Webex

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