The Microcosm of Clandestine Borders: Transgression and Subversion in the Interwar Years

19 Oktober 2022

Research seminar with Irene Portas Vazquez, doctoral researcher at the C²DH.


In this research seminar, Irene will present the main lines of argument of her research on underground cross-border activities and actors in the French-Luxembourgish border. She will elaborate on the ways localised forms of bureaucracy and law were subverted by clandestine communist networks or transgressed with the practice of everyday smuggling. Outlawed behaviours across the French-Luxembourgish frontier speak not only of certain aspects of border-making processes, but also of larger historical themes such as state apparatuses, migratory communities in mining-industrial contexts, or political currents taking place in interwar Western Europe. Employing an almost photographic lens, Irene is particularly interested in exploring the links between legality and illegality in a geographically and spatially fluctuant microcosm, the borderland.


Wednesday, 19 October 2022

14.00 - 15.00

C²DH Open Space