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Mainstream vs. marginal content in Web history and Web archives

17 Juni 2021 bis 18 Juni 2021

RESAW Luxembourg
4th RESAW remote conference, hosted by the C²DH.

The 4th RESAW conference, organised online by the C²DH at the University of Luxembourg, is part of a Web archiving week starting on 14 June 2021, which will involve a series of RESAW pre-conference workshops in parallel to the IIPC General Assembly, followed by the IIPC conference organised by the BnL (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg) on 15-16 June 2021, then the RESAW conference.

Two separate calls are being launched for the IIPC and RESAW conferences, but there will be shared events and joint keynote speeches.


With a view to promoting the establishing of a collaborative European research infrastructure for the study of archived web materials the RESAW network — A Research Infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web Materials — was established in late 2012.


Call for contribution and more information available at