Framing Luxembourg
With "Framing Luxembourg:" Statec and the Centre for Contemporary and Digital History tell "a history of Luxembourg in statistics as well as a history of statistics in Luxembourg".

In the 19th century, statistics became a central tool for framing social realities, detecting and understanding their structures, and eventually changing them. Thanks to the categories they propose, they can make things visible while hiding others. Telling the story of the "putting into figures" of a territory over the last 200 years reveals the different stories that society and the public and economic authorities tell and "tell themselves" in a conscious or unconscious way. Starting from the figures collected for two centuries by different public institutions in Luxembourg, we approach essential stories of Luxembourg - migration, family, employment, unemployment - through a social and economic history perspective.

Our website tries to approach this complex theme through new forms of narration in interactive media. With the help of "scrollytelling" - the fact of unravelling a red thread piece by piece through scrolling the page with the mouse, the trackpad or the finger - we want to make this story accessible in all its complexity thanks to innovative means.

Winner of the Luxembourg Design Awards 2023 in the category 'Data Design'.