Contemporary history of Luxembourg

Special Issue by Dr. Inna Ganschow on Polish Immigration. Polish Luxembourg 1900-1920: A glimpse of the iceberg tip.

The history of Poles in Luxembourg after the re-establishment of the new Polish state in 1918 can be traced on the basis of statistics from various sources. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs kept statistics that provide a picture of Polish labour migration between two world wars. Luxembourg historians have also tackled the question of the image of the Polish diaspora before its members started to assimilate.

However, both the period of World War I and the years before are hardly recorded due to the nationality of the Polish diaspora who came to Luxembourg as German, Austrian or Russian citizens. Their number should be noticeable from as early as 1900 though. On the one hand, the Luxembourg steel industry boomed at those times, which had to fall back on labour from foreign workers. On the other hand, Polish workers have a long tradition of workers “export”, because the temporary Polish migrants worked in the smelters of the German Ruhr area. They were also in demand (and engaged) in Luxembourg from 1900 to 1920.

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