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Mezinárodní události očima lucemburských a československých židovských pamětníků

The contribution is part of the dissertation entitled Cultural and Educational Activities of the Jewish Minority in Czechoslovakia and Luxembourg after World War II. Interviews completed the survey among the members of the 2nd and 3rd Jewish post-war generations and the reflection of archival research. The study aims to point out different perceptions of international events (Judicial Process with Adolf Eichmann, Six-Day War, Operation Entebbe, Olympic Games in Munich 1972, etc.) within the differently influenced Jewish communities. Besides the comparative analysis of the answers, the attitudes of the narrators are confronted with the official attitudes and reactions of the then leading political leaders, both in Czechoslovakia and Luxembourg. In addition, the memoirs will include memories of the main representatives of the Jewish communities, both in Czechoslovakia and in Luxembourg. The selected individuals described vividly their cultural activity and work.
The study itself is being developed within the Cotutelle bilateral program at the Université du Luxembourg and the Charles University. The dissertation is headed by Professor Denis Scuto and Dr. Petr Koura.

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