Contemporary history of Luxembourg

Keen ass vergiess - Näischt gëtt vergiess

The authors tell from the lives of three married couples. The men and one of the women immigrated to Luxembourg from Russia via Germany and France at the beginning of the 20th century, the other two wives came from Luxembourg or the border area. The married couple Aronow-Herz, Fakorowitsch-Levy and Lukmanski-Lubinstein and their children tell stories of migration and integration, of constraints and freedom, of plans and setbacks. And then the story of the unthinkable: the Shoah. In the first so-called Pole transport alone, including these three families, a total of 323 Jews were deported from Luxembourg on October 16, 1941 to Litzmannstadt (Lodz): 89 Luxembourgers, 234 non-Luxembourgers, mainly Germans, Poles, stateless persons - mostly from Russia and Poles - some Lithuanians, Letters, Dutch and French. Only eleven out of 323 survived the deportation.

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