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Interview with Dalia Ofer

Interview with Dalia Ofer
Dalia Ofer is Emeritus Professor of Contemporary Jewry History and Holocaust Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

On 24 January 2018, Dalia Ofer was invited by the C²DH to open the international conference “The Way out. Microhistories of flight from Nazi Germany” with her keynote about the historian and his/her protagonists.

This video was recorded at the Abbaye Neumünster before Dalia Ofer’s opening keynote.


Why is Gender such an important aspect in your research? (00:16 min)

What tips would you give to young historians specialising in Migration History from a bottom-up perspective? (04:29 min)

What about the role of women in the Holocaust? (08:15 min)

How have women actively or passively shaped – or not shaped – the collective memory of the Holocaust? (09:52 min)

Have you used digital tools in your own research? What opportunities do you see with the new digital tools now available to historians? (12:27 min)


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