Sophia Mahroug

Sophia Mahroug

PhD student

Sophia is a PhD candidate at Sorbonne University and the University of Luxembourg

Sophia Mahroug is a PhD candidate specialized in Middle-Eastern and Iranian studies at Sorbonne University (CRHXIX) in co-tutelle with the University of Luxembourg (C²DH). 

Sophia holds Bachelor’s degrees in History and Literary Arabic from Sorbonne University (2018). Her Master’s thesis, also defended at Sorbonne University, focused on the Holy Defense Museum in Tehran. In 2018, Sophia started a Bachelor’s degree in Persian language at the University of Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris. She also did a language stay at the International Center for Persian Studies (Dehkhoda) in Tehran (2019).     

Her thesis project aims at analyzing the dematerialized national remembrance and the virtual patrimony of the Islamic Republic of Iran through social networks from the end of the 20th century to the present. Her historical research reconsiders the understanding of the post-revolutionary remembrance in Iran with the help of a epistemological reflection based on Digital Humanities.  

Main supervisors : Prof. Dr Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen  (CRHXIX-Sorbonne-University), Ass.-Prof. Dr Frédéric Clavert (C²DH)