Max is a PhD Candidate

Max Kemman is a PhD student at the University of Luxembourg specialised in scholarly use of digital research tools. His main interests are the use of these tools and how they can be improved to enhance scholarly practices, focusing on the user requirements and usability of digital research tools. This research has thus far been conducted within research projects developing research systems for several types of datasets; audiovisual archives (AXES, FP7), oral history collections (Oral History Today, CLARIAH) and linked data of political debates (Talk of Europe, CLARIN) linked with media coverage (PoliMedia, CLARIN). Since November 2014 Max Kemman conducts a PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Fickers focusing on the methodological and epistemological consequences of Digital History.


Main supervisor: Prof. Dr Andreas Fickers (C²DH)

Other supervisors: Ass.-prof. Dr Benoît Majerus (C²DH), Prof. Dr Pelle Snickars (Umeå University)