Irma is a PhD Candidate

Irma Hadžalić is a PhD candidate at the University of Luxembourg. Her on-going doctoral thesis “Steel and Iron Corpor(n)nations and the Emergence of Modern Welfare in Luxembourg and in Minas Gerais (ca. 1910-1960)” is a part of FAMOSO (Fabricating Modern Societies) – 2 project, under the supervision of Dr. Karin Priem. Irma previously studied Roman languages and literature at the University of Sarajevo and sociolinguistics at the University of Luxembourg. She is also a president of RIFF asbl, Luxembourg-based non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of intercultural dialogue through arts.


Main supervisor: Prof. Dr Karin Priem (C²DH)

Other supervisors: Prof. Dr Catherine Burke (University of Cambridge),  Prof. Dr Frank Simon