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New publication: Handbook of Digital Public History

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Handbook of Digital Public History
Handbook edited by Serge Noiret, Mark Tebeau and Gerben Zaagsma, published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg.

The Handbook of Digital Public History provides a systematic overview of the present state of international research in digital public history. Individual studies by internationally renowned public historians, digital humanists, and digital historians elucidate central issues in the field and present a critical account of the major public history accomplishments, research activities, and practices with the public and of their digital context. The handbook applies an international and comparative approach, looks at the historical development of the field, focuses on technical background and the use of specific digital media and tools. Furthermore, the handbook analyzes connections with local communities and different publics worldwide when engaging in digital activities with the past, indicating directions for future research, and teaching activities.

The Handbook features 46 articles, including several contributions from C²DH members, divided in four major sections:

  • Historiography
  • Contexts
  • Best Practices
  • Technology, Media, Data and Metadata


  • Serge Noiret, (former) History Information Specialist at the European University Institute (EUI) Library, Florence.
  • Mark Tebeau, Associate Professor of Public History, Arizona State University.
  • Gerben Zaagsma, Assistant Professor in Contemporary History, Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), University of Luxemburg.


More information and the full table of contents can be found on the website of De Gruyter Oldenbourg.