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Call for papers: Transmedia Conference 2025

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Call for papers: Transmedia Conference 2025
Call for papers for the international conference organised by the Impresso project and the History Department of the University of Lausanne, to be held on 27 and 28 January 2025, on the theme ‘Transmedia History: Circulations, Reconfigurations and New Methodologies’.

How can “transmedia” history be put into practice from both theoretical and empirical perspectives? The international conference “Transmedia History”—organised by the Impresso project and the University of Lausanne’s History Department—will gather scholars from various backgrounds around this question to exchange views on new prospects opened by digitisation and digital tools to carry out transmedia research.

Read the full call for papers on the conference website or open it as a PDF.

As the aim of this scientific event is to contribute to the clarification and development of the transmedia approach from a historical and long-term perspective and, more broadly, to promote a decompartmentalised history of the media, we encourage contributions from junior and senior researchers who wish to share their empirical and methodological approaches in this field.

Proposals (350 words max.) must be submitted by 15 July 2024 on the following platform: