The C²DH partners with #ScienceforUkraine

Science for Ukraine
The C²DH has joined #ScienceForUkraine, an initiative of volunteers which brokers information about support opportunities for scholars fleeing Ukraine.

Like the team behind #ScienceForUkraine we strongly believe that scholars should help their colleagues in need and we encourage institutions to provide such support. This way we not only prevent scholarly careers from breaking due to unjustified atrocity but also allow our colleagues to sustain themselves while abroad by doing what they know and love to do.

As a first measure, the C²DH has opened four fellowships in the domains of History, Digital Humanities, Design and Software Development for the duration of six months.

We also call our colleagues and partners to get involved: Create and advertise support opportunities within your institutions and make sure to register them with the ScienceForUkraine database. This may include scholarships, jobs, accommodation, office space, etc. make sure to also check other opportunities to offer support.

We also ask you to spread the word about #ScienceForUkraine within your networks, so it can reach the beneficiaries and inspire more institutions to contribute.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Marten Düring ( as national coordinator #ScienceForUkraine for Luxembourg or consult the list of #ScienceForUkraine coordinators for your country.