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European history as seen by press cartoonist Pierre Kroll

Press cartoon by Pierre Kroll on Brexit
During the ForumZ conference “A new narrative for Europe: Quo Vadis?”, the internationally renowned Belgian artist Pierre Kroll showcased how press cartoons contributed to write the history of European integration. Part of his work is shown below.

The internationally renowned Belgian artist Pierre Kroll, a freelance illustrator since 1985, narrates contemporary history through press illustrations and cartoons. He is a member of the Cartooning for Peace association, set up by Le Monde’s Plantu and the United Nations, and regularly publishes his work in the international press, especially Courrier International. He is also a regular guest on TV5 Monde.

Pierre Kroll was unfortunately unable to attend the fifth Forum Z because of his international commitments, but he contributed to the event with a video and virtual exhibition entitled “Raconter l’Histoire par le dessin de presse” (History as seen through press illustrations), featuring political cartoons on topical European events.