Public history

HistorEsch: Public History Activities in the city of Esch-sur-Alzette

HistorEsch is the overarching name for several public history projects that will be organised between 2021-2022 to actively involve the residents of Esch-sur-Alzette in the production of history.

The team will work closely with Nuit de la Culture, the Kulturfabrik and the municipality to develop a democratic participatory strategy to involve the public in creating an inclusive history of the city.

Together with local partners, the team will actively engage the residents of Esch in the creation of:

  • an exhibition of 25 personal objects that have been submitted by Esch residents that illustrate to them the history of Esch. The exhibition will be co-curated by a select group of residents.
  • a multi-lingual audio tour that highlights the oral histories of residents in Esch. These recordings will be audible through a phone number posted on signs at the site and on the website.
  • an online Facebook community called Fl’Esch Back which is an interactive platform to interact and engage a wide audience with the city’s history.
  • a fresco (wall painting) inspired by the (hi)stories of the neighborhood Lallange in close collaboration with Kulturfabrik. Click here for more information about ArtistESCH.

Alongside community workshops that will be organised together with local partners, the collection of objects and stories will be open to the public at our website

For more information, contact us at

The HistorEsch projects are part the larger 5-year research grant Public History as the New Citizen Science of the Past (PHACS), which is funded by the National Research Fund (FNR).