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Start of the new public history project "Historesch Gesinn"

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Historesch Gesinn
Developing a sustainable network between the general public and cultural organisations to preserve memories and heritages in the long term.

In Luxembourgish, historesch gesinn can mean both historically speaking and seeing. Likewise, this project aims to engage the general public about the history of Luxembourg through visual and auditory means. Historesch Gesinn will become a social hub where (former) residents can contribute their personal testimonies and photographs to the historical narrative, and citizens can learn about the (scientific) process of history-making through a module on Ranke.2, and explore related newspapers through a widget of Impresso. The platform will thus provide a space where both the C²DH and cultural institutions in Luxembourg can present their historical research and include citizens as active participants. Alongside presenting ongoing historical research, the two main goals are to create an online open-access photo-archive through crowdsourcing, and to further develop the multilingual audio tour with oral history of hidden histories.

Throughout the start-up period of three years, the platform will collaborate with the Lëtzebuerg City Museum, the archives in Esch-sur-Alzette, and with other interested cultural partners in Luxembourg alongside researchers from the C²DH. With the platform, together we can establish a sustainable network between the general public and cultural organisations, and preserve memories and heritages in the long term: making these resources accessible for future scholars and history enthusiasts.