Public history

Exhibiting the Past. Public Histories of Education

Exhibiting the Past. Public Histories of Education
The first book of our series "Public History in European Perspectives", published by De Gruyter Oldenburg, is available in full open access.

With respect to public issues, history matters. With the worldwide interest for historical issues related with gender, religion, race, nation, and identity, public history is becoming the strongest branch of academic history. This volume brings together the contributions from historians of education about their engagement with public history, ranging from musealisation and alternative ways of exhibiting to new ways of storytelling.

Authors: Frederik Herman (Switzerland), Sjaak Braster (The Netherlands),  María del Mar del Pozo Andrés (Spain).

The book is available in Open Access:


The book series ‘Public History in European Perspectives’ offers a platform for public history, exploring its potential as an interdisciplinary field and a means of fostering and reflecting upon public engagement, dissemination and participatory practices in areas such as heritage-making, modes of display, and historical storytelling. The series is published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg and edited by Thomas Cauvin and Karin Priem.