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CfP - '1989: Mapping New Frontiers of Europe and Beyond'

The Media Studies Commission of the International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA) announces its forthcoming international seminar ‘1989: Mapping New Frontiers of Europe and Beyond’.

FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Seminar ‘1989: Mapping New Frontiers of Europe and Beyond’will take place on 14 March 2019 in Luxembourg and is organized in collaboration with the Centre for Digital and Contemporary History at the University of Luxembourg. The one-day seminar focuses on exploring the historical events of 1989 that witnessed the collapse of communist regimes in Europe through the lens of archival material and media representations, different archive-based productions (including documentaries and exhibitions) as well as through the lens of multidisciplinary academic research carried out at different archives across the world.

We are particularly interested in contributions from speakers from different professional backgrounds, such as scholars, archivists and media professionals. You may send in a 250-word abstract focusing on, but not necessarily limited to the following topics:

  • Archival  and  scholarly  research  on  the  collapse  of  communist  regimes  in  1989  in  Europe;
  • The televising of the fall of the Iron Curtain across different countries;
  • Studies  dealing  with  socialist  television  before  and  in  the  aftermath  of  the  fall  of  the Iron Curtain;
  • Changes in media systems post-1989;
  • (Re)configuring of Europe through the media during and after the Cold War;
  • Stories from outside Europe: televising 1989 European events across the globe;
  • Media productions showcasing and re-using archival footage of the 1989 events.

FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Commission is dedicated to fostering academic research at media archives across the world, therefore we welcome studies on any other to pics that  highlight archival material from FIAT/IFTA member archives.

The deadline for submitting the abstracts is January 15th, 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be sentshortly after. Submissions should be sent to the chair of the FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Commission, Herbert Hayduck at

FIAT/IFTA member archives can provide research facilities and extracts free of charge to candidates whose abstracts are selected. Enquiries about this should be made to the chair of the Media Studies Commission, Herbert Hayduck at

Download the call for papers in PDF