Public history

2022 C²DH Visiting Public History Research Fellow

Mark Tebeau
The C²DH is proud and happy to announce that Prof. Mark Tebeau will join as visiting public history research fellow in 2022.

Mark Tebeau will join the C²DH in August 2022 in our Public History research department. As expert in Digital Public History, Mark Tebeau will contribute to several projects that aim at developing participatory practices. He will contribute to the discussion on the development and next stages of the CovidMemories platform and its possible relation with the proposed CROPH (Crowdsourcing Future Historiographies of the Pandemic: Traces, Sources, and Narratives in Digital Public History). His leadership of a similar Covid19 archiving project in the United States (Journal of the Plague Year) will definitely be of a great help. His expertise will also be extremely useful for the forthcoming C²DH task force on Citizen Historians. Led by the Public History as the new Citizen Science of the Past (PHACS) project, the task force aims at discussing new ethics for citizen historians’ participation in public history projects. The C²DH’s expertise in digital history will help Mark Tebeau to further develop his ongoing international projects on Covid19 memory archiving and WWII monuments.

Short biography: Mark Tebeau is a urban historian interested in landscape and historical memory, specifically the ways global communities construct identity through monuments and other memory practices. He also works as a public and digital historian, exploring the theory and practice of curation through large-scale crowdsourcing initiatives, oral history efforts, and place-based digital storytelling. Most recently, he co-created and co-leads A Journal of the Plague Year: An Archive of Covid-19—a crowdsourced digital archive developed by an international consortium of scholars and archivists that documents the pandemic; to date it has collected more than 20K digital objects. Tebeau teaches at Arizona State University, where he is Associate Professor of History at Arizona State University and where he leads the public history collaborative. He can be found on Twitter (and other social media) as @urbanhumanist.