Luxemburgische Zeitgeschichte

Une histoire contemporaine du Luxembourg en 70 chroniques

"A contemporary history of Luxembourg in 70 chronicles" by Denis Scuto is a collection of 70 press chronicles, published from 2014 to 2019 in the Luxembourg newspaper Tageblatt. It is "public history" in the best sense of the word, because Denis Scuto as a professional historian intervenes directly in today's debates and enlightens them in a dazzling way by replacing them in the history of Luxembourg and Europe. It is a book aimed directly at the general public, which does not necessarily read scholarly works, but is interested in understanding the country in which it lives and works, with its indissolubly linked past and present. It is therefore a contemporary history because, over the course of the current debates commented by Denis Scuto, the essential elements of the construction of contemporary Luxembourg appear: the birth of the Grand Duchy as a nation-state, its hard learning of independence throughout the nineteenth century, political and social struggles, the consequences of the two world wars, its destiny as a country made of migratory flows, the upheaval of a rural country that became an industrial power and then a European and financial centre, etc.

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