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By means of open and sometimes slightly “shifted” questions (for example, on their enthusiasm as Internet users rather than developers – in fact in the early days of the Inter- net, they are usually “user-developers” –, or what they would change or relive in the his- tory of the Internet), well-known pioneering actors Vinton Cerf, Steve Crocker, Abhaya Induruwa, Dennis Jennings, John Klensin, G erard Le Lann, Paul Mockapetris and Ted Nel- son address a vast array of issues and topics which fully align with those of our journal: protocols and technical architectures, the applications and uses of the Internet, its evolv- ing governance, the complex and collective processes, genealogies and trajectories of innovation, as well as national and transnational issues across continents and countries, from the United States and France to Sri Lanka.

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