Luxemburgische Zeitgeschichte

Russians in Luxembourg: 100 Jahre Russen in Luxemburg. Geschichte einer atomisierten Diaspora

The historical work of the Russian-born migration researcher Dr Inna Ganschow describes the migrations from Russia to Luxembourg in the 20th and 21st centuries. The broad representation of the migration flows between the two countries is illustrated with a lot of data and facts and with numerous, often previously unpublished documents and pictures. A large number of individual and family fates are described, which can be traced to this day in the Luxembourg population. It is the first comprehensive publication on this subject. The book is based on several years of research carried out within the framework of the Center for Contemporary and Digital History of the University of Luxembourg (C2DH). Thanks to her language skills, the author was able to use Russian archives and gain new insights into, among other things, the history of the Luxembourg conscripts in Tambov. She also made contact with descendants of the emigrants in Luxembourg and discussed their history in numerous conversations, which are reflected in the book. The recent Russian emigration is also duly presented.

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